Who let the dogs out?

03:27 <Skyblayde> I fucked up. I tried to be a Dragon amongst Dragons. I get it, i'm not. All I ask now is permission to idle as is the #suidrewt way and only speak when spoken to, and learn from you all in the mean time.
04:51 <Skyblayde> I will ride on my own credibility in the mean time.
04:51 <Skyblayde> and attempt to build/establish myself with good deeds.
Set by: matt



phix: 2774
bubbles: 1194
nokio: 1180
argonator: 657
matt: 251
syrius: 250
sloat: 250
syrius_: 241
bryno: 239
squirmy: 235


phix: 5836
nokio: 1542
argonator: 696

#271 Sun May 19 15:22:59 2013 posted by matt
03:27 <Skyblayde> I fucked up. I tried to be a Dragon amongst Dragons. I get it, i'm not. All I ask now is permission to idle as is the #suidrewt way and only speak when spoken to, and learn from you all in the mean time. 04:51 <Skyblayde> I will ride on my own credibility in the mean time. 04:51 <Skyblayde> and attempt to build/establish myself with good deeds.

#270 Mon Apr 29 19:24:13 2013 posted by s1gnal_9
Nokio is a buttpirate.

#267 Wed Mar 6 06:14:35 2013 posted by matt
11:09 @sloat: somebody farted on the router at buyvm 11:10 @Vergessen: it happens 11:10 @Vergessen: its uplink is actually wireless and someone wanted to make some popcorn so it lost the uplink

#266 Tue Mar 5 08:15:37 2013 posted by matt
12:50 @thom: i feel bad for the CIA guy assigned to watch me 12:55 @Vergessen: agreed 12:56 @sloat: i think mine committed suicide out of boredom 12:56 @thom: lol 12:56 @thom: "4pm: still masturbating" 12:56 @sloat: hahahaha 12:57 @Vergessen: 5pm: watching masturbation via face time from iphone to 12:59 @thom: looool 12:59 @thom: 5:02PM: crying to self, windowshades down 13:01 @Vergessen: 9:01Pm done crying, masturbating again 13:02 @sloat: it's like you guys have a window in to my soul 13:02 @Vergessen: no I just found the feed

#265 Thu Feb 9 04:47:29 2012 posted by matt
17:25 @betrayed: sloat this is for you 17:25 @betrayed: 17:28 @sloat: that's my life 17:28 @sloat: except wtf would an engineer make a swing that's unusable 17:29 @betrayed: vcv 17:36 @sloat: vcv would hand weave the rope used after he grows the plants for the fibers

#264 Sun Jan 24 02:32:41 2010 posted by kaboofa
15:07 < St3v3> i have a good feeling about this server 15:21 -!- St3v3 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 268 seconds]

#262 Mon Dec 7 10:54:35 2009 posted by Sloat
-!- xmascake [] has joined #liek < xmascake> hi <@veratten> no < xmascake> ? xmascake [] has quit []

#261 Tue Dec 1 18:34:56 2009 posted by matt
resin: so am i the only one who think a7x is a good band? @sloat: a7x? resin: avenged sevenfold @sloat: oh, yeah you're the only one resin: lol so be it then resin: gay resin < quits [leaving]

#259 Sat Nov 21 13:39:11 2009 posted by God
10:27 < Phix> whatever that sounds gay 10:29 -!- Phix is now known as Dhix

#258 Thu Oct 29 14:03:01 2009 posted by Sloat
<@Nokio`> some women are attractive when pregnant. kari byron is not. <@sloat> nok, i died a little bit on the inside when I saw her <@Nokio`> yeah i know <@Nokio`> i was like "damn, some guy's fuckin her and it's not me!" <@Betrayed> sorry about that <@sloat> did she wear a venom shirt when you hit it, be? <@Betrayed> nope she wore the hat the guy with the mustache wears <@Betrayed> ...or did I sleep with that guy?

#257 Wed Jun 11 12:27:33 2008 posted by Sloat
<vcv> you have a macbook? you homo! <sloatx> vip's not here, so you must be addressing boofa <vcv> yeah <sloatx> he's a homo erectus <kaboofa> yeah <kaboofa> i write ruby on rails <kaboofa> i'm gay as fuck

#256 Mon Mar 3 22:16:00 2008 posted by Sloat
[21:57] <xNokio> steve is gay [22:00] <`Steve> am not [22:01] <xNokio> prove it [22:03] * `Steve sucks on balls [22:03] <`Steve> wait.. thats not right

#255 Tue Jan 22 11:46:22 2008 posted by Sloat
[11:12] <mari0> my day of sucking is 1/3 over :D [11:15] <sloat> maybe not the best choice of words/career [11:19] <vergessen> heh [11:23] <mari0> yeah, probley not * mari0 is a man whore [11:23] <mari0> secretly...

#254 Sat Jun 16 22:06:10 2007 (approved by God at Sat Jun 16 22:28:00 2007) posted by Nokio
[21:15] <@betrayed> time to download the midget porn database [21:18] <xNokio> ooM [21:19] <xNokio> damn. i've known for a long time now that midget porn existed, but there's a whole database dedicated to it now? [21:19] <@betrayed> yes [21:19] <xNokio> what's this sick, sad, demented world coming to? [21:20] <@betrayed> that was the sole purpose of #liek [21:20] * xNokio shakes his head and slaps betrayed with his scat porn database [21:21] <xNokio> if yer gonna go, go all the way: get yerself a scat collection =P [21:25] <xNokio> hmm, i can't help but wonder if i'm gonna end up on the qotd again, for the second consecutive time

#253 Mon Jun 11 21:19:25 2007 posted by vip
09:17 xNokio until then, i got my nightly pussy 09:17 xNokio where's yours? 09:17 vip` at the store buying me some fathers day shit 09:17 vcv mine is at her apartment right now, but im not whipped 09:17 betrayed At work supporting me. 09:17 xNokio lmfao 09:17 xNokio chauvinist 09:17 vip` haha ^5 09:18 betrayed proud of it too

#252 Mon Jun 11 21:19:18 2007 posted by vip
09:17 xNokio until then, i got my nightly pussy 09:17 xNokio where's yours? 09:17 vip` at the store buying me some fathers day shit 09:17 vcv mine is at her apartment right now, but im not whipped 09:17 betrayed At work supporting me. 09:17 xNokio lmfao 09:17 xNokio chauvinist 09:17 vip` haha ^5 09:18 betrayed proud of it too

#251 Fri May 11 14:25:52 2007 posted by Sloat
<vcv> did you polymorph the singletons into a factory? <sloat> nope <sloat> and kudos on the buzzwords <vcv> i try <vcv> i dont even know what i said

#250 Wed Apr 7 23:21:11 2004 (approved by sorrow at Sun Mar 11 20:00:47 2007) posted by skelm
<mari0> well i'm stupid so i don't count for anything :)

#249 Fri Jul 9 21:29:47 2004 (approved by sorrow at Sun Mar 11 20:00:02 2007) posted by mari0
[06:03] @sorrow`: old ppl aren't that smart [06:03] @sorrow`: thats why the die

#248 Wed Oct 4 15:38:06 2006 (approved by God at Sat Oct 14 09:49:18 2006) posted by tac
<Wargod> brb roof is leaking <sloat> bottle it and sell it...that's how they make dasani

#247 Mon Sep 25 15:04:21 2006 (approved by vcv at Mon Sep 25 15:05:59 2006) posted by kaboofa
-!- Steve-- [] has joined #liek <@sloat> whats up blacknesses < Steve--> just drinkin a 40, thinkin about killin whitey

#246 Wed Aug 2 15:13:19 2006 posted by Sloat
<Wargod> arg//?? <sloat> vckxkvxckvxckk <sloat> that was a drum roll <resin> thats one shitty drumroll <sloat> :(

#245 Sun Jun 11 20:44:50 2006 posted by vcv
<Vergessen> listens to phish <Sloat> kill yourself <Sloat> now <Vergessen> commits suicide next <Sloat> die die <vcv> phish? <vcv> yeah, you should kill yourself then <Sloat> phuck that <Matthew--> lol <Vergessen> heh <Vergessen> I listened to it once, my sound card broke <Sloat> grateful dead wannabes...not that i like them either <vcv> hate, it can bring you down, and make your day in the matter of hours <Vergessen> the funny part is I am not kidding, it was for chiefmojo and I was testing the cd I got for him and the sound card broke <vcv> phish broke your sound card? <Vergessen> yes <vcv> thats a new level of sucktitude <Vergessen> I think the soundcard gave its own life to keep me from listening to it <vcv> a noble sacrifice <Vergessen> yes, the greatest thing it had ever done

#244 Sun May 21 17:49:13 2006 (approved by God at Sun May 21 18:16:01 2006) posted by kaboofa
<@Betrayed> tmodns, connected through a cell phone? < phine> starbucks < phine> tmobile <@Betrayed> heh, i have not been in a starbucks in years -!- phine [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection] <@Betrayed> he has and alaways will annoy me <@Betrayed> i mean I see his host and start thinking about ways to attack him

#242 Thu Apr 13 22:02:10 2006 posted by Sloat
[22:00] * resin ( has joined #liek [22:00] <Matt> never irc as root. [22:00] * resin ( Quit (Client Quit)

#241 Sat Mar 18 08:23:28 2006 (approved by vcv at Sat Mar 18 23:13:42 2006) posted by kaboofa
* Vergessen is drunk < sigkill`> what'd you have? 2 beers?

#240 Thu Feb 16 18:36:15 2006 posted by Sloat
<Betrayed> oh yeah, cross country on keys <Betrayed> skis evey <Betrayed> skis arg * Betrayed breaks his fingers

#239 Sat Feb 28 19:26:06 2004 (approved by God at Thu Dec 8 01:40:55 2005) posted by qaz
if you can read this, giant aliens are invading my home. this is the first link i came to and i dont have any time to switch to a more publicized website due to my 28.8k modem. please, for the love of god, call 911 and tell them that abel tesfay is about to be or is in the process of being brutally abused and anally probed by some kind of vegetable aliens from outerspace that landed in my backyard. i don't know why, or how they got here, but PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SEND HELP TO 1970 ROCKY M.a;srmawot;lgmlhdnmc 3

#238 Fri Nov 25 01:34:44 2005 posted by Sloat
* kaboofa ( Quit (crashing)

#237 Tue Nov 22 20:17:51 2005 posted by matt
<Liquidblue> matt <Liquidblue> we should build an IRC client into zephyr

#236 Sat Nov 5 00:16:16 2005 posted by matt
00:01 @ vcv : shane, are you tronned 00:02 shane` : tronned? 00:02 @ vcv : stoned

#235 Wed Sep 28 12:41:34 2005 posted by matt
@ Betrayed : Everyone knows that butter knives are "gateway weapons" leading to brass knuckles, machetes, and semi-automatic weapons.

#234 Fri Aug 26 16:41:39 2005 (approved by Sloat at Fri Sep 23 01:32:13 2005) posted by mari0
[04:39] kick my flip: life sucks worse than sloat

#233 Wed Apr 13 22:24:19 2005 posted by Matthew--
shane: I forgot other people than me and death can get kicked

#232 Thu Feb 17 05:58:21 2005 posted by sorrow
[02:54] ••• Ash- ( has quit: Read error: Operation timed out [02:54] @sorrow: speaking of ash, i need to smoke, brb

#230 Thu Feb 17 05:51:51 2005 posted by matt
@sorrow: ill be some big brother with a little dude running around, trying to pickup chicks and smoking bowls around the corner while the ladies are distracted

#229 Tue Feb 8 22:53:47 2005 posted by vip
[22:46] <@Sloat> hey i crashed photoshop [22:46] *** vcv- ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [22:47] <@Sloat> and vcv too

#228 Tue Jan 11 00:12:01 2005 (approved by Sloat at Fri Feb 4 18:42:36 2005) posted by kaboofa
Topic for #liek: [ #liek - - ][ prizym = Michael Jackson ] < shane> anyone ever use a website to get plane tickets and want to recommend? <@Fyre`> priz dont run from you problems <@Fyre`> just face your child molesting charges like a man <@Fyre`> a boy fondling man

#227 Tue Dec 28 01:48:00 2004 posted by Sloat
<shane> there is a special place in hell, down the hall from hitler, for real player

#226 Sun Dec 26 22:56:38 2004 posted by RX
«mari0» god loves flaming homosexuals

#225 Sun Dec 19 13:59:20 2004 (approved by God at Sun Dec 26 09:04:17 2004) posted by mari0
[01:46] @vcv: Take a hotdog, and cut a tunnel throught the entire thing, and shove a slim jim through it. So it has a slim jim center. Then you dip it in breadcrumbs, fry it, than dip it in melted cheese and wrap bacon around it. Serve it on a heavily buttered roll and chow down. [01:46] Death-: vcv, what's that [01:46] Death-: the recipe for instant heart attack?

#221 Tue Nov 16 22:58:15 2004 posted by Fyre-
<PRIZyM> bragg blvd is where LOTS of dirty hookers walk up and down <Phix> so thats where your mom works? <PRIZyM> actually my mom does work on bragg blvd

#220 Sun Aug 1 04:52:39 2004 (approved by God at Sun Nov 14 18:42:16 2004) posted by s1gnal_9
Zorlon, ILL STICK A FUCKING GAS CAN IN YOUR CUNT AND LIGHT IT, just so i can watch your vaginal bloody chunks fly and splatter on the wall. then ill take a spatula and scrape it off the wall and stick it in a frying pan with lard and fry it up and put it on whole grain bread, and feed it to you like the whore you are

#219 Mon Nov 8 23:04:17 2004 posted by Sloat
<Lithium> no being gay <Lithium> ~assrape shane

#218 Thu Nov 4 21:23:59 2004 posted by matt
@Steve-: i dont want to sacrifice my uptime just because my monitor blew up

#217 Thu Nov 4 21:23:52 2004 posted by matt
@Steve-: i dont want to sacrifice my uptime just because my monitor blew up

#216 Thu Oct 7 17:21:48 2004 posted by Sloat
<resin-> im going crazy without newsgroups <Sloat> i'll fix your newsgroup problem * Sloat gets resin- pregnant <Sloat> with that <resin-> gee, that was quick, i usually get dinner first

#215 Thu Oct 7 15:40:17 2004 posted by Matthew--
RX-: i just got out of jail, apperantly prostitution is illegal

#213 Fri Jul 9 21:30:16 2004 (approved by God at Sat Sep 25 19:15:26 2004) posted by mari0
[06:03] @sorrow`: old ppl aren't that smart [06:03] @sorrow`: thats why the die

#211 Fri Sep 10 03:49:55 2004 posted by Prizym
* PRIZyM ( has joined #liek * shane2 ( has joined #liek * PRIZyM is now known as plot-- * shane2 is now known as plot <shane> GOT IT <shane> NINJA WHAT

#210 Wed Aug 18 18:30:25 2004 (approved by RX at Tue Sep 7 21:02:54 2004) posted by mari0
[05:32] ••• plot (plotownz@* has quit: Ping timeout: 264 seconds [05:35] mari0: maybe if he'd just stop using his modem as a vibrator [05:47] @Steve: at first glance i thought that said "his mom's vibrator"

#209 Tue Sep 7 21:00:59 2004 posted by RX
«banned-» ill spank you «kikmyflip» ok

#208 Mon Aug 16 01:11:30 2004 posted by RX
«+kaboofa» I GOT IT UP!!!

#207 Thu Jul 1 00:06:45 2004 posted by vcv
[12:09] <iambud> oh fuck yeah [12:09] <iambud> ass fucking [12:09] <[iambud> who in here wants to ass rape who?

#206 Sun May 9 20:45:45 2004 (approved by matt at Mon May 24 23:07:33 2004) posted by skelm
<RX`> hey man a piece of sloat that big is a news story

#205 Mon May 17 15:49:04 2004 posted by Sloat
<Death-> stupid comcast, stop fucking up
* Death- kicks it in the balls
* Death- (Death-@* Quit (Ping timeout: no data for 251 seconds)

#203 Sat May 8 23:54:02 2004 posted by Steve`
<Betrayed-> PRIZyM: your the one always asking me to put it in your ass <PRIZyM> but you are the one that does it... <Betrayed-> so we are gay, oh well

#202 Mon May 3 00:20:37 2004 posted by vcv
[00:21] <shane> sloat, go buy me a helicoptor [00:21] <shane> er [00:24] <@Sloat> no...but i'll buy myself one and fly over your truck and pee on it

#201 Sun Apr 11 03:00:29 2004 (approved by God at Sun Apr 11 22:13:36 2004) posted by kaboofa
* Death- pokes ash <NeoV> *oh shit <Tom`> ? <NeoV> death touched ash <NeoV> she's a goner <Tom`> no <Tom`> she just has herpes now <NeoV> close enough

#200 Sat Apr 3 16:32:16 2004 posted by Sloat
[16:30] <Steve-> my uptime makes me horny

#199 Sun Mar 21 21:28:14 2004 (approved by matt at Mon Mar 22 15:43:22 2004) posted by kaboofa
21:27 * mari0 has sex w/notepad

#198 Mon Mar 8 22:09:26 2004 (approved by God at Fri Mar 12 11:30:29 2004) posted by kaboofa
<Tom`> you're probably the final boss of the internet <@Betrayed> heh <Tom`> which is why no one has beat it <@Betrayed> as long as I have whiskey no one will beat me

#197 Sun Feb 29 15:35:50 2004 (approved by matt at Mon Mar 8 21:14:49 2004) posted by kaboofa
<kikmyflip> oh dont stop, he stole my man

#196 Mon Mar 8 21:13:13 2004 posted by Matthew--
Liek001 > [] joins #liek Liek001 : i'm that guy who cheated on your liek server a long time ago. Liek001 : for tnet

#195 Mon Feb 9 15:55:10 2004 posted by Sloat
<Sloat> you know...instead of doing zephyr in c, let's use tcl and gtk <bit[]> thats as funny as dead baby jokes sloat <bit[]> oh wait..those are pretty funny

#194 Wed Jan 28 10:36:39 2004 posted by Matthew--
mari0- : isn't evertything i do gay?? :X

#193 Sun Jan 25 14:27:30 2004 posted by vip
<Betrayed> black people are all rapists. I saw it on tv <qaz`> ohshit <qaz`> brb *** qaz` quit (o_O ) <Betrayed> he saw a white girl he had to rape

#192 Sun Jan 25 14:27:18 2004 posted by vip
<Betrayed> black people are all rapists. I saw it on tv <qaz`> ohshit <qaz`> brb *** qaz` quit (o_O ) <Betrayed> he saw a white girl he had to rape

#191 Fri Jan 23 15:36:12 2004 posted by Matthew--
kaboofa : i told a kid to save the world and kill himself today kaboofa : i was thinking of you. kaboofa : because you're pimp kaboofa : or something like that. RX- : boof quit coming on to me.

#187 Thu Jan 22 12:47:58 2004 (approved by Steve at Thu Jan 22 12:48:24 2004) posted by MKR
<MKR> steve is planning to take over the world by giving everyone herpes, and selling a cure <Steve`> damn it mkr, how did you find out? <MKR> a little nerd told me

#182 Wed Jan 21 18:55:18 2004 posted by God
[12:03] * Kaboofa is away: having sex with my boyfriend!

#179 Wed Nov 5 17:35:13 2003 posted by RX-
«@Matthew--» btw did you try the new catalyst? «RX-» running it now, haven't gamed on it, works fine «@Matthew--» i'm afraid of updating it... i just went back to 3.6... pos 3.8 «RX-» resin had problems with it, but he's resin «RX-» he'd have problems with notepad

#178 Sun Oct 26 21:25:10 2003 posted by Lithium``
[21:21] <liek> rx sucks stinky cowballs

#177 Tue Oct 21 21:45:42 2003 posted by RX-
«@Sloat» just cause i eat beans from the can and take the shoes that people throw over power lines, that makes me a hobo?

#176 Tue Oct 21 04:33:24 2003 posted by Jeff`
(03:28) +Jeff` . your prepubescent angst is old and overrated. go listen to your papa roach and linkin park with a razor in your hand

#175 Mon Oct 20 00:31:08 2003 posted by Steve-
<RX> HAHAHA, buttsex gives you sloatdick

#174 Sat Oct 18 03:02:37 2003 posted by Matthew
Jeff`: chiefmojo Jeff`: Oh I watch you there Jeff`: through the window Jeff`: And I stare at you Jeff`: You wear nothing but you (You see where this is going_

#173 Fri Oct 10 02:13:33 2003 posted by Matthew--
••• wangchun ( joined @Steve-: priz your male chinese sex slave is here

#172 Tue Oct 7 12:05:57 2003 posted by RX-
«+MrChief» Phish - First Tube [5:20/6:45] «@Steve-» first tube of lube for child molesting? «@Steve-» didnt he get off on those charges? «+MrChief» no, the pics

#171 Thu Oct 2 00:30:50 2003 posted by RX-
«@Sloat» i discovered heterosexuality when i discovered whacking off to pictures of girls felt better than whacking off to pictures of guys

#170 Wed Oct 1 21:43:02 2003 posted by Steve-
<PhiX^> Weather Girls - It's Raining Men [0:01/5:30 :: 471/721 :: 128 kbps] !PhiX^

#169 Tue Sep 30 00:29:17 2003 posted by _vip
[12:27:03] <Steve-> hey guys, lets all chip in and get vip's gf a diaphragm for her bday

#168 Fri Sep 26 23:21:23 2003 posted by Steve-
<SH4NE> plus i fucked YOU, making you the queer

#167 Thu Sep 25 03:45:41 2003 posted by Matthew
matt1210: RAPE deathxi2001: so? :P deathxi2001: im good at rape deathxi2001: its my specialite

#166 Sun Sep 21 22:45:00 2003 posted by babu
[10:43:27] <Matthew> partially [10:43:39] <Matthew> its in place but not really in use [10:43:57] <MKR> like prizym's penis?

#165 Sun Sep 21 21:33:44 2003 posted by Chiefmojo
<Chiefmojo> brick? <RX-> for throwing/hitting/building houses... you know... red, made of clay <RX-> brick.

#162 Sun Sep 21 03:48:34 2003 posted by resin
I haven't Failed, I just found 2000 ways not to Succeed

#161 Wed Sep 17 00:33:29 2003 posted by Sloat
<SH4NE> oh dear god i need a second to marinate on that <Matthew> people do not marinate

#160 Mon Sep 15 19:25:00 2003 posted by Matthew
+RX violates shaft's colon with burning oil Shaft-: thats kinky

#159 Tue Sep 9 17:11:52 2003 posted by Matthew--
+Ash--: what about banned? +Ash--: he doesnt know what to do with a naked girl @Matthew-: ok 3

#158 Mon Sep 8 22:37:44 2003 posted by Matthew
@Lithium`: what do u guys think would happen perhaps if... @Lithium`: a rubber slipped off inside of someone? @Lithium`: u think the girl would feel it?

#157 Wed Aug 13 22:51:19 2003 posted by PhiX^
<PhiX^> Elvis Presley - You Were Always On My Mind [0:30/3:41 :: 416/416 :: 128 kbps] <PhiX^> ownage

#156 Sun Jul 27 10:49:37 2003 posted by Matthew
MKR: vcv is a barnyard pimp @bit[]: just call me father farm

#155 Thu Jul 24 23:29:05 2003 posted by bit[]
[@betrayed] I think I once heard gcc laugh at me. I had worked for 22 hours that day though so I am not sure

#154 Fri Jul 11 00:10:33 2003 posted by Matthew
+RX`: you like to lick the jizz off of my knob death Death-: when'd that happen? i musta been sleep lickin' again

#153 Thu Jul 10 12:17:06 2003 posted by Matthew
@Lithium`: whatsup be @Betrayed: hello pothead

#152 Fri Jul 4 23:18:24 2003 posted by Steve-
<kaboofa> btw: i'm not a fag, i'm bisexual you dumbass

#151 Mon Jun 30 03:00:12 2003 posted by Matthew
RX`: i swear to fucking shit you (phix) touch a god damn thing in that closet i'll rape you with the rubber end of a plunger

#149 Wed Jun 25 19:16:26 2003 posted by Matthew--
••• syrius ( joined

#148 Thu Jun 19 00:30:58 2003 posted by Phix
«@Phix» tyler, in a moment of genius, i went at the spider with febreeze «@Phix» sprayed it 3 times «@Phix» and realized i just made it smell fresh then smashed it with the bottle

#147 Sat Jun 7 00:42:50 2003 posted by Matthew
* Prizym is redneck trash

#146 Tue May 27 18:52:06 2003 posted by Matthew
@betrayed: I could beat on an aolers door saying I was from the aol police and they needed to come with me and they would come

#145 Sun May 11 01:24:07 2003 posted by Phix
<@Phix> sig send shaft a picture of your wang <Shaft-> I've already seen <Shaft-> I'm in awe

#144 Thu May 8 00:46:30 2003 posted by Steve-
<vcv> it [linux] started because some nerd wanted a free OS that still sucked but people would like anyways

#143 Tue May 6 21:32:33 2003 posted by Matthew--
qaz`: its official, masturbation affects typing accuracy and mouse coordination.

#142 Fri May 2 19:08:40 2003 posted by Steve
<qaz> black people suck

#141 Wed Mar 26 21:51:52 2003 posted by Sloat
<Betrayed`> ~mode #liek +m * liek sets mode: +i

#140 Wed Mar 19 20:34:30 2003 posted by Matthew
abel`: ill do it :D abel`: for free, just give me KFC every day

#139 Fri Mar 14 00:14:20 2003 posted by Matthew
@Sloat: dammit...i always forget obvious stuff @Sloat: like pants

#138 Fri Mar 7 17:04:39 2003 posted by Matthew
••• Steve` is now known as Steve @Steve: nice ••• Steve (steve@*) has quit: Killed ( ( <-

#137 Fri Mar 7 16:57:17 2003 posted by Matthew
••• Steve` is now known as Steve @Steve: nice ••• Steve ( has quit: Killed ( ( <-

#136 Wed Mar 5 20:51:13 2003 posted by Matthew
sloat: i go outside and stand in a pool of water under a tree, cover myself in aluminum foil, and whack off

#135 Sun Feb 23 23:47:51 2003 posted by Steve
<vcv> thats why women shouldnt have any rights

#134 Fri Feb 7 00:23:59 2003 posted by Matt
SLaK`: there isnt an episode 4 you know

#133 Wed Feb 5 22:41:57 2003 posted by Matt
Chiefmojo: youll be #1 to me, rx * Chiefmojo winks.

#132 Thu Jan 30 22:47:15 2003 posted by ChiefMojo
<Sloat> i swear...that's the last time i'll ever try to eat my underwear

#131 Wed Jan 8 01:21:20 2003 posted by Matt
vcv: HAAHHA vcv: one of these pointers points to 0xbaadf00d

#130 Mon Dec 30 02:10:56 2002 posted by Steve
<Steve> read the first line of genesis chapter 11 "at that time all mankind spoke a single language" ask any anthropologist... that is not true <resin> i would take the word of the bible over an anthropologist

#129 Mon Dec 9 17:50:53 2002 posted by Evil-Santa
* corey has quit IRC (GAY PRIDE)

#128 Wed Dec 4 17:46:25 2002 posted by Matt
@Matt: do you have the FCKGW key nokio Nokio: FCKGW-(censored)

#127 Tue Dec 3 21:07:09 2002 posted by Satan
RX: i dont have a pet goril... oh my sister = Pope: your pet llama tried to touch my ass

#126 Tue Dec 3 15:28:56 2002 posted by Matt
qaz: i think all this jacking off i haven't been doing is affecting the speed of my typing qaz: and my accuracy

#125 Mon Dec 2 16:59:11 2002 posted by Matt
@Steve: sloat do you have a sisteR @Steve: can i have sex with her @Betrayed: steve has found viagra @Sloat: ask her @Betrayed: um, hey, sloat's sister, can I sex0r you?

#124 Sun Dec 1 23:19:51 2002 posted by RX
«@Matt» blargh i neeed to sleeep «@Matt» and wtf am i adding extra e's «RX» cause you wanna be like erin «@Matt» nah i don't think so «RX» LIAR! «RX» YOU WANT TO BE A WOMAN!!! «@Matt» no, you're the LIAR «RX» wtfever «@Matt» you are a WOMAN «RX» =O «RX» YOU TOLD THEM MY SECRET «RX» I"M NEVER SLEEPING WITH YOU AGAIN!!! «@Matt» SORRY

#123 Tue Oct 15 17:30:42 2002 posted by Matt
@Sloat: !phone [censored] ••• Bull ( has quit: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer) @Matt: !phone <script language="javascript"></script> ••• Bull ( has quit: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)

#121 Fri Oct 4 23:10:22 2002 posted by Matt
Seth: does that mean priz's penis is nonexistant? pr3p: yes

#120 Mon Sep 23 00:23:50 2002 posted by Matt
MKR: i went to, expecting some simpsons joke site, and it's all bondage crap

#119 Mon Sep 16 21:57:45 2002 posted by Matt
@Lithium catches the huge candleholder and sticks all components of it up RX's ass RX: ooh lithy RX: you know i like it like that RX winks at lith

#118 Fri Sep 13 19:56:43 2002 posted by Matt
[07:43] @Betrayed makes a $200 on [07:43] @vcv: lol, matt would sell it

#117 Wed Sep 11 00:32:44 2002 posted by vcv
RX: i was forced to investigate my moms boyfriends digestive system in-depth RX: .... with my nostrils ;[ RX: for about the last half hour straight

#116 Tue Sep 3 22:46:01 2002 posted by phix
<MKR> phix lost his virginity to a gay rapper <phix> his name was Antoine

#115 Thu Aug 29 02:17:27 2002 posted by Away
[02:08] RX: vcv is a follower of intro-rectal digestion [02:09] @vcv-away spits poop at rx

#113 Thu Aug 29 01:28:24 2002 posted by vcv
@vcv: you and moparx would talk on voicechat all night? @Matt: we did @vcv: sounds homosexual if you ask me

#112 Thu Aug 29 00:50:34 2002 posted by vcv
@vcv: sloat did you just say your gf put jiz on a zit on her leg? @Sloat: i'm pretty sure...i might have imagined that though

#111 Wed Aug 28 02:12:32 2002 posted by Matt
[02:09] Johnny: sometimes I forget my real name and that bothers me, but then I go out and murder someone and I feel better about myself. [02:10] Johnny: Usually if they have a chocolate bar I'll let them go.

#110 Mon Aug 26 22:46:14 2002 posted by Matt
<RX> somebody say something funny we need a new qotd <MKR> prizym tried to rape me with a tuna * RX hangs his head in shame

#109 Tue Aug 20 02:07:50 2002 posted by sappy
<sappy> resin doesnt like tits and pussy <resin> yea

#108 Tue Aug 20 02:05:39 2002 posted by sappy
<resin> if it was my way.. <resin> gay

#107 Sun Aug 18 19:17:43 2002 posted by Lithium
[19:04] <seth> i hate my penis

#106 Sat Aug 17 02:35:09 2002 posted by Matt
Prizym: im learning cobol

#104 Fri Aug 16 08:25:03 2002 posted by Matt
RX: i'm not flooding Kick: RX by Cow (flood)

#103 Wed Jun 19 17:48:18 2002 posted by Betrayed
<plot> jake's a troll <Betrayed> yes, I like to feed him my poop

#102 Sun Jun 16 12:29:31 2002 posted by Matt
plot: i think your (Prizym's) mom did it to me plot: when she gave me herpes, i kinda lost all my humor

#101 Fri Jun 14 23:37:40 2002 posted by Steve
<Steve> <girls talking to each other> lets go to a LAN party.. we can find some real winners there!

#99 Tue Jun 11 15:00:55 2002 posted by Matt
<Prizym> I have .gay "files" in my anus

#98 Thu Jun 6 22:24:32 2002 posted by Matt
Betrayed-: plot, I hope she is doing all right, remember you may have to beat her if she acts up plot: be, she had crabs, thats aiight Betrayed-: heh, Thats from when I stow them away on crowded boats

#97 Sun May 26 00:56:15 2002 posted by Steve
<Lithium> i'll sleep with matt!

#96 Sat May 25 19:22:03 2002 posted by Matt

#95 Sat May 18 15:37:33 2002 posted by RX-
«RX» what about the east river? «@Steve» thats 100% sewage «@Steve» and other garbage

#94 Tue May 14 00:40:35 2002 posted by Steve
<Sloat> i hate it when my peiner just falls out of my fly hole <Ash> me too

#93 Sun May 12 04:33:21 2002 posted by Matt
RX  winks seductively at nok Nokio  slaps RX with his purse

#92 Thu May 2 21:46:25 2002 posted by Matt
plot: i love the slidshow thing in winXP plot: makes looking at porn pics so damn easy MKR: great, a lazy way to jank off

#91 Mon Apr 22 23:18:12 2002 posted by Sloat
<S|hane> port loves the cock <PortSurfer> Shane: You know it!

#90 Mon Apr 22 15:38:40 2002 posted by Steve
<core1> My penis is cool. <core1> It's like an inch long but I still love it.

#89 Fri Apr 12 17:20:30 2002 posted by Steve
<Prizym> I had sexual intercourse with your grandmother, she rubbed her vercacose vained saggy boobs all over me and then I licked all the dust of her saggy vagina

#88 Thu Apr 11 19:56:48 2002 posted by Steve
<Prizym> yeah, my penis looks like a 11 yr old boy's

#87 Thu Apr 11 19:54:22 2002 posted by Steve
<Prizym> yeah, my penis looks like a 11 yr old boy with no pubes

#86 Thu Apr 4 10:42:56 2002 posted by vcv
Prizym: smells like stink nuggets in my room...

#85 Fri Mar 29 23:51:11 2002 posted by Matt
sigkill: Ash do you want to fuck matt Kaboofa: I do.

#84 Fri Mar 29 00:25:23 2002 posted by Matt
Death  gayly slaps matt

#83 Tue Mar 26 10:40:50 2002 posted by Steve
<plot> i felt like masterbating at 6:00 this morning, and i couldn't go back to sleep afterwords...

#82 Mon Mar 25 12:53:44 2002 posted by Matt
Prizym: NEVER stick your dick in after softing the plastic Prizym: WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO was THAT embarressing

#81 Sun Mar 24 12:01:33 2002 posted by Matt
Prizym: mp3 // Korn - 06 - Faget [05:49] Prizym: ^my fav song, NO JOKES PLEASE

#80 Wed Mar 20 16:40:44 2002 posted by Matt
Prizym: no one go on my boyfriend's nick

#75 Mon Feb 11 15:14:03 2002 posted by Matt
Louis: Lithium must u laugh at ppl who dun speaks well in eng?

#74 Fri Feb 8 01:10:56 2002 posted by Steve
<Prizym> racism makes the world go round

#73 Sun Feb 3 02:22:40 2002 posted by vcv
@Sloat: i need an snes disassembler jake_g2: in what langauge?

#72 Sat Feb 2 02:07:32 2002 posted by Steve
<vcv> i havent been outside since wednesday

#71 Thu Jan 31 21:44:42 2002 posted by Matt
@Quick: You need to be 35. DyJyTyL: then i'll make my dog president and i'll be vice president and secretly give him all the dirty work DyJyTyL: dog years

#70 Sun Jan 13 16:42:32 2002 posted by Matt
plot: qaz ===D~~~~ O: phix

#69 Tue Jan 8 17:44:16 2002 posted by Matt
Prizym: im gonna turn my website into a gay singles meeting place

#68 Sun Dec 30 18:57:09 2001 posted by Matt
Prizym: I told you was gonna stick my penis in your asshole until it is so fucked up they need to go into surgry and make a new one and then I am gonna assrape that one with the stiches and everything

#67 Sun Dec 23 10:49:12 2001 posted by Matt
DmonKilla: your almost as cool as an arab with a plane, Prizym

#66 Sat Dec 22 21:43:01 2001 posted by Matt
WoodTastesFunny: Hey sexy

#64 Wed Dec 12 12:12:58 2001 posted by Steve
<Ash> i am whore

#63 Sat Dec 8 20:52:49 2001 posted by Matt
@Matt: Darryl, what r u smoking? @Darryl: crushed asprin

#62 Thu Dec 6 20:48:02 2001 posted by vcv
@mAnimal: couldn't get it out fast enough

#61 Sat Dec 1 08:58:52 2001 posted by Steve
<SLaK`> imagine two homeless people fighting to near death for a sandwich

#60 Wed Nov 28 19:40:19 2001 posted by Matt
Prizym: id sell the whole package for $20 and a happy meal...

#59 Wed Nov 28 16:48:10 2001 posted by Matt
Nick: BanneD is now known as mGay

#58 Tue Nov 27 16:48:02 2001 posted by vcv
Cow: im a cow, moo-ooh.

#54 Mon Nov 26 21:02:16 2001 posted by stevecase

#53 Mon Nov 26 18:38:48 2001 posted by Steve
* box fucks lith!

#52 Mon Nov 26 00:43:25 2001 posted by Betrayed
<Ash> Be scares me

#51 Sun Nov 25 18:46:16 2001 posted by Matt
Mario1210: fag arse Borninbrklyn: thats me!

#50 Tue Nov 13 19:16:48 2001 posted by Matt
* box am gay

#49 Mon Nov 5 02:00:51 2001 posted by Betrayed
* Prizym teabags Cow

#48 Sat Nov 3 20:42:01 2001 posted by Steve
<Dustin> butt sex is wild and it doesn't cause a child

#47 Sat Nov 3 11:43:26 2001 posted by Matt
RX: never a good thing RX: when parents walk in on you ;[

#46 Sat Nov 3 03:52:04 2001 posted by Betrayed
<vcv> 5 feet taller than my cat

#45 Mon Oct 29 21:19:04 2001 posted by vcv

#44 Mon Oct 29 00:42:45 2001 posted by Matt
@demongoat: i'm not a typical gay i'm a geek damn it!

#43 Sun Oct 28 09:45:17 2001 posted by Matt
project: brb gotta take old plywood off of my window

#42 Sat Oct 27 20:52:12 2001 posted by Matt
Nick: Prizym is now known as BigGayAl

#41 Thu Oct 25 14:18:58 2001 posted by vcv
*** ini has joined #liek <ini> Man, DSL is awesom *** ini has quit IRC (Ping timeout)

#36 Wed Oct 24 00:32:23 2001 posted by Betrayed
<vcv> what part did you have trouble with? <Sloat> reading it

#35 Tue Oct 23 22:10:03 2001 posted by StevE
* Ash plays with vip's boobs

#34 Tue Oct 23 15:03:11 2001 posted by Matt
box: box am fag

#33 Tue Oct 23 00:12:39 2001 posted by Steve
<Lithium> well since i don't have a penis

#32 Tue Oct 23 00:11:18 2001 posted by Lithium
[00:08] <Ash> but i will be wearing more than my sunglasses

#31 Tue Oct 23 00:11:18 2001 posted by vcv
<Lithium> well since i don't have a penis

#30 Tue Oct 23 00:11:05 2001 posted by Lithium
[00:08] <Ash> but i will be wearing more than my sunglasses

#29 Tue Oct 23 00:10:20 2001 posted by Steve
<Lithium> well since i don't have a penis

#28 Mon Oct 22 14:16:15 2001 posted by Matt
Quit: Shaft ( Quit: I wish I could be cool

#27 Sun Oct 21 20:37:20 2001 posted by Steve
* BanneD is away, diary queen

#26 Sat Oct 20 23:37:25 2001 posted by Matt
Quit: BanneD ( Quit: im bi

#25 Wed Oct 17 00:37:56 2001 posted by Steve
<cryr> and she lactates on my back as i give her a piggy back ride

#24 Sun Oct 14 22:46:13 2001 posted by Matt
<bongman> made my acoustic guitar into a bong!

#23 Sat Oct 13 12:14:45 2001 posted by Matt
<omni> i think seeing the movie hackers has had an adverse effect on me

#22 Sat Oct 13 12:07:26 2001 posted by vcv
<Matt> vcv dont make stupid qotd's

#21 Fri Oct 12 20:54:37 2001 posted by vcv
<Matt> vcv why did u change the qotd to moo?

#20 Fri Oct 12 16:50:14 2001 posted by vcv

#19 Fri Oct 12 16:39:37 2001 posted by Betrayed
*** plot has quit IRC (Quit: Betrayed, your time zone ain't shit, and colorado can goto hell!!!!!!!!!!!!)

#18 Fri Oct 12 14:57:35 2001 posted by Betrayed
why be difficult when with a little more effort you can be impossible?

#17 Thu Oct 11 13:19:47 2001 posted by Betrayed
<winGuy> Linux is for people who hate themselves.

#15 Wed Oct 10 17:57:07 2001 posted by Matt
@Steve: dont worry ash, we'll get sick of doing nudies of you in 5 minutes

#13 Wed Oct 10 17:26:28 2001 posted by Lithium
[17:24] <Sloat> no! don't hack me!

#12 Wed Oct 10 16:55:06 2001 posted by Steve
<Sloat> i'm gay

#11 Tue Oct 9 01:43:47 2001 posted by Betrayed
<vcv> "he who follows the lies which cometh from the mouth of thy irish man shall burn in hlel for eternity"

#10 Mon Oct 8 18:46:27 2001 posted by Steve
<icon> i took my ring off to masturbate and now i cant find it

#8 Mon Oct 8 18:27:17 2001 posted by Betrayed
<Matt> okay be that should solve most of the problems with the script

#7 Mon Oct 8 18:25:57 2001 posted by Matt
+LiekBot: I suck

#6 Mon Oct 8 18:22:07 2001 posted by Betrayed
<Matt> Moo

#5 Mon Oct 8 18:13:22 2001 posted by Betrayed
<Matt> i fergot to $replace(%qotd,$chr(32), )