Who let the dogs out?

03:27 <Skyblayde> I fucked up. I tried to be a Dragon amongst Dragons. I get it, i'm not. All I ask now is permission to idle as is the #suidrewt way and only speak when spoken to, and learn from you all in the mean time.
04:51 <Skyblayde> I will ride on my own credibility in the mean time.
04:51 <Skyblayde> and attempt to build/establish myself with good deeds.
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What's everyone up to? on Mon Jan 7 10:43:04 2008 by Sloat
Once in a while, someone from way back when will show up and ask what everyone's up to. I have no idea what to tell them. So leave a comment with a few words describing how you've been and what you've been up to. I'm also curious, since I barely get to talk to anyone anymore.

I'll start I guess.

I've been working at a web design company who doesn't bother to get work for me. It's the most depressing place I've ever worked. The other people here are obsessed with money and being millionaires and it's really disgusting. Lately, I've been wasting my down time on crappy websites like digg and it seems to be annoying them. This makes me happy.

At home, things are going great. I'm playing in two bands, learning how to silkscreen t-shirts, and my girlfriend and I are very happy together. I bought a new car and a new bed in October. The only problem I have at home is that sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours doing nothing at work really sucks the life out of me. So when I get home, I don't want to go near my comp. This sucks because I actually want to hang in #liek (despite the fact that no one is there) and work on stuff. Usually when I get home, I just end up playing video games and eating crap.

So what is everyone else up to?

poop on Fri Jan 11 21:54:50 2008 by vcv
I poop.

WORK on Mon Jan 14 09:24:28 2008 by kaboofa
I am the sysadmin of a Windows2003 setup.
It makes me want to kill myself.
Then I come home and drink. It's pretty awesome!

In all seriousness, I'm working at a computer shop that does contracting work. It sucks and I don't get paid enough.
I'm almost done with school, only have one semester left; then I'm moving to Vermont to live among the cows and lack of civilization to write Ruby on Rails code.

work too haha on Tue Jan 15 08:19:16 2008 by Prizym
i think i was last before i actually moved to CO, well i was there for a few months and left everything there to move back to NC, my ghetto truck and a few boxes, so i flew back w/ just my bed and computer. Got a job at this privately owned Italian restaurant my friend worked at, started cooking, liked it, so when they went out of business a year and a half later i got a job down the street from my house at this corporate place, its like an expensive version of this place called Rock o La Cafe, not sure if its just a east coast thing. I had a monte carlo for about a year, someone hit me and fucked it all up. I ended up getting my ears to 7/8" and my septum to 1/2", im almsot done with my right arm sleeve, too many girlfriends have come and gone... hmm what else. Oh i got a new monitor, its hot shit, if folks remembered i had this old piece of shit i got for 50 at a pawn shop that i had to have a fan blowing on it at all times or it would blink out from heat, made in 1996 and like 100lbs heavy. Still smoka da weed, few bongs and pipes and come and a nice small water pipe now i just bought, so pretty. Havent been doing much but getting my life back, for the most part everything has been replaced of all my shit i left in CO, minus i still never got winxp for my computer and all my DVDs, and actually i dont even remember anymore what else was in my boxes, i had 3, one was my desk, got a new one of that, one was like all my life shit, radio, dvds, some clothes, plus more shit, and i forgot what hte 3rd was, nothing important.

Lots of shit on Thu Feb 7 15:32:26 2008 by magnet
Sold insurance for a while, then took a year off to care for ill parents, then went back to insurance, now at a crossroads. Do I stay in insurance, or go with the 911 Operator job I have lined up?


Oh yeah, I play a game called Out of the Park Baseball almost religiously. I also started a blog for the Minnesota Twins @ - it sucks long balls so far, that's for sure!

So, uh, yeah. Thats about it for me.

stuff on Mon Mar 10 14:14:55 2008 by tac
Graduated from college in May 2003, got a job at a recent acquisition of ADP (the payroll company). We are a software-as-a-service company, and we make and host online career centers. I started as the corporate network admin, but after 10 months of that I got bored and moved to a production systems engineer position. Now there are four of us (plus 1 DBA) managing about 150 servers in three datacenters, with plans to expand into one more.

I'm engaged, getting married in September 2008. Planning a wedding sucks. Paying for a wedding sucks even worse.

I got a 2004 BMW 325i (Orient Blue) in July 2007. It's awesome. A few pictures from when I first got it are here:

Remember... no matter how much your life sucks, at least you're not Prizym.
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me? on Wed Apr 2 06:51:39 2008 by sorrow
i quit all my jobs, smoke a bunch of weed, and drink a bunch of beer. i have a girlfriend that's shockingly beautiful, and im most certainly no virgin these days. i have been out of a job for a month, and im about ready to start helping my buddies dad with his new business he started in making commercials for small businesses. i want to film/edit for him, and this will make be a profitable man that can travel the world. i want to see amsterdam, and germany...spliff, and a liter! :) EZ
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whoa! on Sat Feb 7 07:05:13 2009 by chiefmojo
Get with the program #liek!

What the fuck? on Sun Mar 8 14:55:05 2009 by Bubbler
So I think it has been a good 3-4 years now since I graced #liek with my amazing presence. Basically, I hate you all for suggesting I am a chicken raping midget. I told you guys, I'm not a midget. I am posting here because good god, it's 2009 and this website hasn't been updated in a year other than a few comments from random people.

Ever since leaving #liek (that is, getting a girlfriend), I've graduated from RIT ('08) (in CS of course) and now I'm doing a masters at Brown. So if any of you are in Providence, fuck you, I bet you're that creepy drunk asshole who followed me to campus yesterday and tried to give me a hug. What the fuck.

And what the hell is that email I have. Jesus christ I registered this account practically before puberty hit.
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LOMA on Wed Jul 29 18:55:49 2009 by qaz
i have been in college for 4 years getting my BA in computer science and am just now realizing they have taught me shit-all about software engineering, and i am going to probably having to bust my ass to get anything done. i disappeared from liek the summer before i went to college ( 2005 ) due to two reasons: my obsession with tennis which developed over that summer (i play 3 - 5 times a week, with friends or just serve practicing), and because i realized that i had wasted the last 4 years of high school dicking around. i did not know who i was, what my motivations were, what i was.. going to do with the rest of my life. two more years of just living and skating by at college, and then two more years of figuring it out a bit, and now i finally feel like i have at least scratched the surface of the answer to those questions, and i am a little less lost not in the world.

i will (hopefully) be graduating in 2010 after this year with my BA in CS and a minor in nihongo, and i may end up moving to ohio with my girlfriend (her family lives up there). developed an interest in game programming, which i find highly entertaining ( ba dum tsh, hahaha... yeah), so i plan on becoming a workaholic for at least a year after this, then spending the next 6 mo - 1 year traveling and seeing what the world is really like with my own eyes.

oh yeah, and where the HELL are you MATT? this place needs some MAD LOVE!

Wow. on Wed Feb 3 11:17:35 2010 by Dustin
Wow. That's about all I have to say. Just wow.